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Business Financing
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Access Business Financing For Your Startup

Flexible alternative for your early-stage financing rounds

We provide the capital you need to accelerate your company’s growth. Fund your marketing budget, develop products faster or make an acquisition. The money is yours to decide.

Term Loans

Working Capital

Revenue Based


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We invest in your business based on revenue earned today and tomorrow

Find out why venture debt could be a better option for your company's financing round. We will take the time to show you the impact on the long-term value of your equity. 

We prepare an offer

Apply for funding online or set up a call, whichever you prefer. We will discuss your capital needs and growth plans.

You receive the capital
upfront or over time

Once the documents are signed and due diligence is complete, the money is yours

Repay the commitment at any time

We offer loans with up to five-year payment terms. But if things change and you want to pay it back early, that's okay with us too.

World-Class Teams

We want to work with people that are passionate and have integrity. Equally as important is finding a team that has a vested interest and a partnership mindset.

Growth Companies

We target companies that have annual recurring revenues of greater than $1.0 million. Our capital is designed to add fuel to high-impact growth initiatives.


Investment Focus

Altmaven Capital is your growth capital partner. We're here to help take your startup to the next level. Keep more of your hard-earned equity.


Our financing solutions are available for companies incorporated in the U.S. and Canada. 

Investment Size

Our average allocation ranges from $500k - $5 million.
We have the flexibility to increase our investment as your business scales, so you will always have the capital needed.

Our Services


The Altmaven Offering

Altmaven Capital is a hands-on partner in the growth of your business. Think of us as a co-founder that you can reach out to at any time.

Strategic Advisor

When we commit as financing partners, our wealth of experience analyzing and evaluating global companies is at your disposal. We’re there to help deliver insights into corporate strategy, sales and marketing tactics, and product development. Our team of dedicated partners are available to guide you.

Financial Commitment

Being able to grow your business the way you want to with the right financial partner is paramount to success. At Altmaven Capital, we don’t ask for a personal guarantee or a seat on your board. Our focus is on keeping your company in your hands so that your team benefits most when it succeeds.

Whether you want a bridge to your next equity round or long-term capital that minimizes dilution, our venture debt solutions can help maximize the value of your business.
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Executive Management Services

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There are times when you and your executive team need more than a second opinion. Scaling a startup is challenging and requires stretching organizational resources to the limit. Our contract management services offer companies the ability to lean on not just a trusted advisor but a partner that can take action. We can complement your team through a bespoke approach.


Budgeting, Forecasting, Bookkeeping, Modeling,
KPI Analysis


Brand Development, Customer Journey Mapping, Media Planning and Implementation


Go-To-Market Strategies, Sales Team Recruitment, Customer Success Management

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Why Partner With Altmaven


Transparency and honesty form the foundation of trust with which we operate.

The funding environment for companies can be challenging. Traditional bank financing is restrictive, often requiring a personal guarantee. In other instances, firms take valuable equity away from founders and employees. We offer an alternative approach by finding the right balance that works for you.
In a constantly evolving world, being able to adapt quickly is essential. When opportunities arise, we can deliver the resources to seize them. Apply below and see if we are the right partner for the next stage of your growth.


We operate a clear and collaborative process to help entrepreneurs confidently realize the full potential of their business. Building a world-class company requires open dialogue to deliver exceptional results. Sincere and candid advice is what we offer.


We focus exclusively on delivering financial and organizational resources to help early-stage ventures succeed.


Building a diverse team that acknowledges, respects, and embraces each others’ differences is a critical aspect in forming a community that we can all be proud of. Our organization and partner companies are committed to developing an inclusive network.
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Here When You Need Us

Meaningful and timely feedback is critical to ensuring the focus remains on growing your business. Share your story and let’s decide together if we’d make good partners.

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