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Series A Funding

Understanding Series A Funding and Other Strategies

Series A Financing

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Startups are one of the most sought-after companies today when it comes to lenders. They want to provide the next great company with the funds they need, but their goals are focused on growing their loan portfolio rather than helping to achieve your mission. Yet, there are various forms of financing available and several different strategies available to help you, as the business owner, to find funding. Where should you start? For most companies that have generated solid momentum on their revenue and growth plans, this begins with Series A funding.

What is it?

Series A funding is a term that describes the first round of significant venture capital fundraising that your company does. 
Series A funding is a term that describes the first round of significant venture capital fundraising that your company does. It is one of the stages in raising capital for a company (followed by additional rounds labeled B, C, and so on). This type of financing involves providing an equity interest in the company. That means, in exchange for the funds, you provide a percentage of the equity to the investor. As a result of this, your business now has a new partial owner on hand.
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Finding the Right Funds for Your Goals

At Altmaven Capital, we offer a wide range of startup business funding strategies and methods. Each one is designed to provide our clients (business owners like you) with the right foundation for support. We offer an alternative to traditional Series A funding through term loans, working capital facilities, and revenue based financing solutions.
There is a moment in a company’s growth stage when the founders have significantly de-risked the business. They have clients on hand, a strong team, and endless opportunities. During this period, your business needs capital to add fuel to the fire. Whether the funds go towards hiring another salesperson, software developer, or marketing professional, you have a clear path to follow and strategy in place. The greatest source of value creation for the founders and employees happens at this point. Why give up all the upside to an equity investor when you can access the same resources with minimal or no dilution? Which source of funding is best for you depends on many factors, including the financial goals of your company and the strategies for growth and development.
At Altmaven Capital, we encourage you to reach out to our team to learn more about the various startup business funding strategies we offer. The right type of funding for your company depends on its short- and long-term needs but also your overall business management strategies. Let's talk about which option is right for your business.
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