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Exploring Options in Growth Capital and Venture Debt

Venture Debt

There are plenty of lending terms out there today that are sure to confuse any business owner. If you want to help your company to grow and thrive, you need to be able to navigate the right funding options available to you. At Altmaven Capital, we offer a wide range of solutions, each designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. There are many different strategies to raise growth capital, we want you to understand what your options are so you can make the best decisions possible.

What Is Venture Debt?

Venture debt is a common term you’ll hear as a startup business owner. Also known as venture lending, this specific type of debt financing strategy allows venture-backed companies to access working capital.

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What Is Growth Capital?

Another term you may hear is growth capital. This is a term used to describe a private equity investment. This type of investment tends to own a minority equity interest in the business and is often best for companies that are mature and looking for a way to restructure or accelerate growth in anticipation of a potential initial public offering (IPO). It can help you to expand into new markets or to refinance existing debt. It allows you to remain in control of your company and can even be used to make an acquisition.

Which strategy is right for you? You do not have to invest just yet. Instead, contact our team at Altmaven Capital to learn more about the opportunities available to you today. You can take your business to the next level with financial security.
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