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Growing Your Tech Startup
with Business Financing

Every new business needs funds to get started. As you start building your company, you need capital to help support that growth. Yet, it has become increasingly difficult for business owners to find the funding they need to achieve their goals. That is where our team at Altmaven Capital comes into play. We provide a wide range of options to support your startup’s expansion and growth, including business financing that is accessible and even easier to reach than you thought possible.

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What We Do Different

When it comes to business financing, Altmaven Capital stands out because of what we do not do. We do not require you to provide us with a seat on your board like other companies. We also do not ask for any personal guarantee from you when providing these funds. Instead, we want to put the money you need in your hands so that you can build your business. After all, who knows your business better than you do?


What We Do Different

There are various strategies available to help technology companies thrive. Debt financing provides a way to access capital without the significant dilution of a traditional equity investment. This is one of the options we offer. It allows you to secure the money your company needs right now while also enabling you to repay those funds as your business generates sales. In short, you have more flexibility to repay what money you need, reducing your risks, and improving your financial goals.

At Altmaven Capital, we offer debt financing and other forms of business financing. Each option is designed to provide you with the support you need to achieve your company’s goals. Let’s talk about those options today. Contact our team to learn more about how we can help your tech startup to have the funds you need.

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Here When You Need Us

Meaningful and timely feedback is critical to ensuring the focus remains on growing your business. Share your story and let’s decide together if we’d make good partners.

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