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Is Non-Dilutive Capital Right for Your Needs?

Non-Dilutive Capital

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As the owner of a startup business, you may be constantly wondering and worrying about money. What is payroll this month? How much do my customers owe me? Are we allocating enough dollars to marketing? It is normal to be in this position. However, you have the opportunity to build your business without the stress that is the common downfall of many viable companies. At Altmaven Capital, we offer a wide range of financing options designed to target your specific needs. When you need seed funding, non-dilutive capital, or other sources of funds, turn to our professionals for help.

Non-Dilutive Capital Solves Some Problems


One of the ways we stand out is by providing our clients with non-dilutive capital. This is a term that describes a wide range of funding mechanisms. The common component in them is that there is no exchange of equity between the company and its investors. Unlike other firms that provide capital and want a seat on your board or some type of personal assurance, we do not take that approach. Our process allows more companies in the industry to find the funding they need. You can receive the money you need without reducing any ownership in the company.

Is This the Seed Funding for You?
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When you speak with our team at Altmaven Capital, we will discuss a wide range of solutions for funding your business goals. At the heart of this process is providing you with insight into strategies for seed funding that reduce your risk and keep you in control of your business. Every situation is different. However, if your tech company is working to grow, the last thing you want is to have a new board member that has their expectations that you are supposed to exceed. Skip the traditional seed funding methods of seeking a private investor. Let our team offer solutions and guidance to you that can profoundly change your business. Our team wants to talk to you about the funding strategies we can provide.
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Here When You Need Us

Meaningful and timely feedback is critical to ensuring the focus remains on growing your business. Share your story and let’s decide together if we’d make good partners.

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