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What Are the Advantages of Revenue Based Financing?

Revenue Based Financing

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If you are considering how to take your company to the next level, one of the most important steps is to secure the best financing solution for your business. Gone are the days when a traditional bank loan is best. Even private or institutional investors may not be your ideal solution. At Altmaven Capital, we often encourage entrepreneurs to take a closer look at revenue-based financing, one of the key tools we use to help encourage the growth and development of your business. Could it be the right option for your needs?

Why Choose This Financing Strategy?


One of the ways we stand out is by providing our clients with non-dilutive capital. This is a term that describes a wide range of funding mechanisms. The common component in them is that there is no exchange of equity between the company and its investors. Unlike other firms that provide capital and want a seat on your board or some type of personal assurance, we do not take that approach. Our process allows more companies in the industry to find the funding they need. You can receive the money you need without reducing any ownership in the company.

Is This the Best Growth Capital for Your Business?

There are costs. There are limitations. Yet, for many business owners who need growth capital, this option works the best. You will pay back what you owe based on the progress of your business. That may be very quick, or it may take some time. The most important benefit, though, is that your company is getting the inflow of capital it needs right now, without the same restrictions that you would normally have.

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