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Shaping the future of real estate technology






Working together to build world-class organizations

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We are investing in companies that are drivers of change in the property technology industry — the businesses that are constantly evolving and iterating to exceed the demands of their customers.

Altmaven Capital invests in companies that prioritize technological development, adaptive product innovation and a culture of ingenuity.

Our teams are fully devoted to building novel solutions to complex problems.

in North America

Recurring or transactional revenue

Consumer, SMB or Enterprise

Majority or minority investments

Financial Framework

Revenue greater than $5MM


revenue growth

Exceptional unit economics

High annual revenue retention

Altmaven Capital
Real Estate Technology

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Foundation of Our Investing Discipline

We are dedicated to finding and developing technology enabled real estate companies operating in the residential and commercial markets.

Our focus is on working with industry-leading businesses to complement their core product and service offering through M&A.

Investment Criteria

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The New Era of Real Estate Technology

Our Thesis: Residential Market

Trusted Provider
Improving the residential real estate market ecosystem requires a leading brand to act as the source of truth.
Ease of Use
A seamless bridge through the entire home shopping experience is needed. From hiring an agent to home inspection, financing, appraising, insurance, moving, and home repair.
Consumers should have access to all the qualitative and quantitative resources they need to make informed decisions about their homes.
The most innovative companies will invent novel business models to make housing more affordable.
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Our Thesis: Commercial Market
Consumerization of Technology
Commercial real estate is transitioning towards digital solutions that are simplifying organizational functions. These improvements are driving scale and cost advantages to those that master them.
Old World Transition
The Old World order in commercial real estate is undergoing a sea change as competition creates pressure to find new avenues for growth and rethink capital allocation.
Data-Driven Insights

The next generation of developers, agents, lenders and government agencies want data, information and analytics at their fingertips to make better-informed decisions.


Improvements in property management will result from optimizing square footage, automating operations and increasing building efficiency.

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We invite you to learn more about opportunities within Altmaven’s portfolio

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